Twitter Tips: Optimizing Your Profile

Optimizing Your Twitter Profile

This involves a few simple enhancements, such as:

  • Profile photo. It needs to be a quality images, unobstructed facial photo or a high-resolution brand logo.
  • Create an interesting description. Location information, industry keywords, and relevant tags. The information on your Twitter profile should show who you are, what you do, your job title, and where you are located.
  • Personality. Don’t be too dry, formal, and corporate, because people like to engage with humanized brands. Give your audience a sense of who you are to convey your personality – thoughts, attitudes, and values.

Your follower count alone doesn’t validate about your Twitter presence. You need to engage with your users in different ways, and Twitter offers excellent opportunities for that.

Twitter has almost 400 million users, which means that there are a lot of prospects and potential customers that you can attract, but also a lot of spam / noise that you need to cut through to get more attention. Put your best foot forward and go for it.

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