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Is Your Website Compliant?

There are many reasons why you need Privacy Policies:

  • Avoid massive fines from the government
  • Limit your liability
  • Keep control of your website
  • Protect your intellectual-property
  • Ensure legitimacy to your website visitors

We can help you with getting a Privacy Policy uploaded to your website that automatically updates

Remember, Any website you build that collects as little as an email address on a contact form is collecting ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII). States across America are proposing privacy laws to protect its citizens and their PII. The problem is that citizens visit websites that are located beyond state lines. That means most businesses that collect PII via their website will need a Privacy Policy that is updated as these bills become laws.

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Top Ten Landing Page Tips

Top Ten Landing Page Tips for your Business

  1. Don’t send any traffic (Ad campaign traffic of any sort) to your homepage. Use a Landing Page!
  2. Each landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message.
  3. The primary headline of your landing page matches the ad visitors clicked to get there. Don’t cause unnecessary confusion by mixing messages.
  4. Make your call to action (CTA) big and position it above the fold. Use bright colors such as orange or green.
  5. Use Directional cues such as arrows or hero shots (photos of people) pointing to the form or submit button.
  6. Remove unnecessary content, reduce the clutter.
  7. Use real testimonials (with pictures) for authenticity. Make sure you have the customers approval.
  8. Simplify your copy by using bullets and short sentences.
  9. Show your phone number so people can contact you immediately. NOTE: track calls from your landing page so that you understand the success of each campaign.
  10. Always be testing! A/B test the landing page often and track the results. Let the customer decide which page works best. Even tests out each tip above. Try different fonts, sizes, colors, and layouts.

We’ve ideated and performed over 8,000 landing page and form test in the past 10 years, we’re bullish on A/B testing. You will be surprised by some of your results.

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Is Your Business Showing Up in Local Search?

As businesses and customers compete for each other online, local search is becoming an increasingly important part of online marketing.

Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Businesses are in fierce competition to get noticed in search engine results. And here is why:

  • Search is moving away from desktop
  • Traffic from local searches converts better
  • Google supports local business
  • Google is constantly redefining search results to serve users better
  • There is less competition in local search than in global search

Google My Business Profile – Google My Business is a program that allows you to fill out all of the information about your business. Google uses this information to have a complete understanding of your business and to determine how to rank your agency in the search results. It is best practice to claim your profile and provide accurate information to Google so they’ll your agency in the search results. It is best that you answer every question they ask about your agency with as much details as possible making sure to use keywords you want to rank for. Make sure your business profile is 100% filled out. Previously, this product has been called Google+ and/or Google Places so you might already have a profile setup. If so, make sure it is up to date with all of your information and link to your website, business address, etc.

Setup a Places for Bing Profile – Don’t forget about listing your agency with other search engines such as Bing. Bing powers more than 33% of US searches. Bing Places lets you setup your profile for your agency’s information such as location, phone #, link to you website and hours of operation. You should answer all the questions they ask about your agency as completely as possible and you can upload images as well.

And that is just the beginning! You should also look into claiming your profile on sites such as Yelp.com, YellowPages, FourSquare, LinkedIn and others.

Still Confused or Overwhelmed? Here is how we can help, by setting up your local profiles for you… Let us handle your online business marketing so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your company.

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Our Projects and Who we’ve worked with…

Crooked Tooth Media provides big brand strategies adapted for your small or large business.

Crooked Tooth Media Projects

Consulting Services;

~ Web and Graphic Design Firm, that specializes in Usability
~ Mobile Usability/Design
~ Lead Generation
~ App Development
~ Writer, Author, Script Writer, Blogger
~ Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIN) – Optimization
~ Facebook Testing and Optimization
~ Search Engine Optimization
~ Search Engine Marking
~ Pay Per Click
~ Ecommerce Solutions
~ Branding
~ Syndication
~ Analytics

How We Started…

Robert Roslauski founded Crooked Tooth Media (formerly goplacez, llc and CyberX) in 1998, using his extensive experience in the online industry. Specializing in Consumer Experience, Usability, Interface Design, Human Factors, Lead Generation, Web Analytics, Search Optimization, and Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and Branding.

An expert in lead generation, he has worked in the following industries; Mortgage, Home and Personal Loans, Insurance, Home Improvement, Real Estate, Online Schools, Entertainment, Travel and more.

He has worked on website for such companies as; MasterCard, Priceless.com, LowerMyBills, ClassesUSA, Realtor.com, Spreadthered.com (Coca-Cola), JPMorganChase, American Century, Conway, Lincoln Financial, Oracle, Chrysler Canada (French and English), Dodge Canada (French and English), Jeep Canada (French and English), Chrysler Gift Gallery, Dodge Goods, Jeep Gear, Chrysler International, Chrysler Rewards, Marsh, and Waste Management.