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What to expect from your new website...

Focus on the user experience. First and foremost, we design for your potential clients. Your audience should be able to quickly scan your site and find what they are looking for. They shouldn’t get bogged down in legalese and dark gray oceans of text. And they are not looking for flash and splash. They are looking for legal help.

Show how your company is different. Your website design should reflect your firm’s uniqueness upfront, all while highlighting your qualifications and services.
Potential clients shouldn’t have to dig deep into the bowels of your site to learn more.

Guide the users where you want them to go. Conversion is the proof that your website is performing as it should. That means your site should be designed with a clear path for users to connect with you. We will strategically write content and structures your site in a way that attracts prospective clients, guides them to the information they need, and leads them to connect with your company. Increasing conversions is one of the key factors in getting more visitors, more leads and more business from the web.

Be optimized for search engines. SEO is always evolving, and we know that and expect it. We build our design and content with search engines in mind, focusing on proper keywords, tagging, and site load speeds.

We help you stay ahead of the curve, that is why we create mobile-first strategies and preparing your site for Google algorithm updates.
Wes are committed to crafting a site that attracts your target audience, helps establish trust, and generates quality leads for your company.

What You Can Expect From Crooked Tooth Media

We have 20+ years of experience specializing in Web Design, Consumer Experience, Branding, Interface Design, Human Factors, Lead Generation, Web Analytics, Search Optimization, Search Marketing, Social Media, and Pay-per-Click. We've worked on over 100 websites in all industries; Retail and Ecommerce, Insurance, Mortgage, Credit Card, Personal Finance, Real Estate, Home Improvement, Law, Health, Non-Profit, Sports and Entertainment, and Food and Beverage

We get to know you.
We will learn more about your company’s story, culture and approach to serving clients.
We want to know what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past, as well as the goals your company is working to achieve.
We will design a homepage to get started. Together, we will review the homepage design, discuss your feedback in detail, and implement changes to ensure you are getting the website you want.
From there we will start building out your website. This design phase involves ongoing feedback from you, so we know the design is shaping up to meet your expectations and goals.
We will also optimize each page for best Search Results
As our team puts the finishing touches on your website, we make sure each and every page on your site is properly optimized and built for success. After all, even the best-looking website in the world will have no value if your company’s prospective clients can’t find it.
We are committed to your site’s success beyond the launch date. Afterwards, by signing up for the maintenance plan, we will track your site’s performance after launch, carefully monitoring your site’s analytics and working to make any and all design enhancements. Web design trends and online marketing techniques are ever-changing, and we don’t want you to fall behind.

Online Marketing Services for {industry}
Our websites are constructed with two goals in mind – producing successful leads for your business and to become a helpful resource to your current and prospective clients. Using elements of progressive web design, these websites will provide users with a pleasant browsing experience. Using our many years of experience in web marketing and developing websites for business professionals, we streamlined every website to make contacting you as easy as possible for your viewers.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a web marketing practice that helps encourage search engines to favor your website over other websites with the same search keywords. By incorporating best practice keyword targeting techniques and a little "white-hat" SEO magic, we can help your website grow through the search ranks so that it gets seen!
Pricing for our Search Engine Optimization packages can be determined by your specific budget and location. Give us a call to have a marketing specialist assemble an SEO package just for you!

Local Business Marketing
Search engine algorithms are getting more and more sophisticated and are constantly moving towards local search in general. The theory behind this is to provide users with more useful results to searches in their area. Makes sense right? We can set up a Local Business Marketing plan for your business to engage more relevant users in your area and to help them find you!
Pricing for Local Business Marketing can be determined by your specific budget and location. Give us a call to have a marketing specialist assemble an LBM package just for you!

Social Media Management
We specialize in social media marketing services that work within a small business’s niche, budget, and expectations. Let us handle your business’s social media management; you get back to doing what you do best – running your company. Among the small business owners we've worked with, there have been a good percentage that know facebook, twitter and linkedIN, but hate the tedious task of going from site to site to post updates and monitor social engagement. Improve productivity and simplify your business’s campaign management by eliminating the need to log into multiple social media sites – just one of the benefits of our expertise.