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Apps VS Mobile Websites

In a recent survey, over 500 small business owners with both a mobile app and a mobile website to determine which returned a higher return on investment.

The results showed that both mobile apps and mobile websites are important pieces of a small business mobile marketing strategy.

Which returned a higher ROI? 73% said mobile app while 27% said mobile website

Which do customers prefer? 85% mobile app, 15 mobile website

Best for getting new customers? 75% mobile app, 25 mobile website

Best for repeat customers? 86% mobile app, 14% mobile website

Push notification open rates versus email marketing? 97% Push Notifications, 14% Email Marketing

Both are extremely important to business owners, without having both a mobile website and mobile app, you are losing at least 25% of your customer’s share of mind!

Benefits of Mobile Websites

  • Developed with standard web development tools and technologies.
  • Built once and works on ALL devices and browsers.
  • Typically less expensive than app development.
  • Can be found via standard online search.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Robust user experience
  • Native to smartphones; using features such as, GPS, camera, microphone, etc.
  • Downloaded/Installed from the marketplace and stored locally on a user’s device
  • Can be used without being connected to WiFi
  • Engage with your BEST customer at any time, Push Notifications.

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