A/B Testing

Want to increase your conversion rate by seeing if a change in your current web site can improve your results? With A/B testing, you can test a factor, such as a call-to-action button or a hero shot, against one or more variations to see which is most persuasive.

Whether the changes are big or small, A/B testing is an easy way to determine which variations improve the performance of your web site.

A/B testing is very effective for answering certain types of marketing questions, including creative “bake-offs” where the decision has come down to two competing versions. But for more complex questions — often those that arise earlier in the testing cycle — multivariate testing is often the way to go.

Multivariate Testing

While A/B testing allows you to test just one factor at a time, multivariate testing enables you to test many changes simultaneously. Evaluating the impact of combinations of factors and variations often reveals significant interaction effects that can have a dramatic impact on your conversion goals.

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