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As you may or may not be aware, many states are implementing laws to protect the privacy of its citizens. Some of these laws will even allow citizens to sue businesses anywhere in the US just for not having a compliant Privacy Policy.

Over the next six months, two privacy laws will go into effect (Nevada on 10/01 and California on 01/01). In addition, there are about a dozen other states that want to pass similar laws in the near future, which will require you to not only have a Privacy Policy, but continually update it as well.

To be proactive about this issue, we’ve partnered up with a Privacy Policy generator. They will automatically update your website policies when the laws change, and they do it at a fraction of the cost of an attorney. The initial cost for the license, setup and implementation is $99 and renews at $99/year after, ensuring your policies stay up to date with changes to the law.

Please let me know if you’d like to have us set you up with the auto-updating policies, plan to use an attorney, or are choosing not to have a Privacy Policy for your business.

Does Your Website Need A Privacy Policy?

Any website you build that collects as little as an email address on a contact form is collecting ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII).

States across America are proposing privacy laws to protect its citizens and their PII. The problem is that citizens visit websites that are located beyond state lines. That means most businesses that collect PII via their website will need a Privacy Policy that is updated as these bills become laws.

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