Facebook Testing and Optimization

If you want to achieve a higher campaign ROI, lower your advertising costs and increase the number of conversions, you definitely need to optimize your Facebook Ads.

If you don't constantly improve and maintain your Facebook campaigns, chances are that your results will start declining pretty fast. It may even happen in a couple of days after setting up a new ad campaign.

We can manage your Facebook campaigns and optimize them regularly.

In addition we can;

  • Figure out the most effective and beneficial campaign optimization
  • Set up the Facebook tracking Pixel on your website
  • Perform A/B test Facebook ad campaigns
  • Read and manage Facebook ads reports?
  • Figure out your best audience
  • Optimize and Test different Call to Actions
  • Setup a Remarketing Pixel
  • Test Lookalike Audiences
  • Target an Email List
  • Test Bidding Strategies

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