Realtor Mobile App

Why Realtors Need a Mobile App

Realtor Mobile App
Realtor Mobile App
Listings are the main reason the real estate companies develop apps, but that isn’t all. You can use them for marketing and promotion too. Using geofencing and push notifications, you’ll recruit new clients right from the app, base on their own needs, interest and location.


Place your listings in the palm of buyers’ hands. With in-depth property info and on-the-go contact capabilities, you’ll be selling houses up from under people’s feet. Add photos and listing details so users are ready to buy before they reach the front door.

  • Add new property listings daily
  • Broadcast open house dates
  • Customize click-to-call and email features
  • Give one-touch directions
  • Sync up YouTube channels for virtual tours
  • Calculate mortgage rates right through the app
  • Showcase the neighborhood hotspots
  • And More…

Push Notifications and Your Business

Use it or lose it! Like any great feature, push notifications are only as good as you make them. The more strategic your implementation, the better they’ll serve you, so time your messages wisely and don’t forget to show some personality.

Push Notification
Push Notification

  • Target users by current location
  • Use geofencing to trigger automatic messages when users enter a zone
  • Schedule push notifications for later
  • Add custom images for a nicer touch
  • Setup linked messages that click through to high lighted features
  • Share websites easily with the clickable URL option

Push notifications are one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. Any small business benefits from the ability to share instant updates and make consistent client contact. Get a little creative with your messaging. Tailor push notification tone and design to match your business’ branding efforts
and you’ll have a cohesive marketing strategy.

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