Mobile Food Ordering

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App
Why Your Restaurant
Needs a Mobile App

It’s easy to draw the Monday night crowd when you have an app working for you. Check-in specials, loyalty rewards, and real-time menu updates grow your customer base keep them coming back for seconds. Dessert menu, please.

  • Accept orders and payment in-app
  • Highlight weekly specials
  • Reward your regulars with check-in discounts
  • Send targeted push notifications to nearby users
  • Post about your favorite dish on the fan wall
  • Give directions & quick contact for users on the go
  • Enable in-app reservation-booking
  • And More..

Mobile Food Ordering and Your Restaurant

  • 70% of restaurateurs think mobile food ordering is an “up-and-coming” innovation.
  • 40% of customers have already placed an order for food online or from a mobile app.
  • 50% or more of customers order more food when they order through an app.

Offering a mobile food ordering app for your restaurant is just good business. Statistics show that customers order more often from businesses that offer apps, and when they do order, they order more.

Mobile Food Ordering
Mobile Food Ordering

  • Boost return business
  • Increase revenue per order
  • Take in-app payments
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Create a competitive advantage over other restaurants in your area
  • Make mobile orders a significant percentage of your business